Civics / Early US History

Welcome to Civics and Early US History.  The first quarter is dedicated to Civics.  We will learn about why government exists, how it impacts our daily lives, and how our government works and came to be.

Early US History will begin with the George Washington Presidency and end at the Reconstruction Era, just after the Civil War. 

1-23-12 = crossword puzzle on the Civil War vocab

1-17-12 - Tonight: REad and notes 321-323 and do section review

          - Friday quiz - ManDest, Reform, Slavery

12-16-11 - Read 248-251 - Complete ALL of Section 3 Review

12-12-11 - Test on Thursday, Read 240-245 and do the section review on page 245 (terms and 3 Questions)

12-8-11 - Finish Report Card for Jefferson.  Make it nice!

12-6-11 - Pioneer life, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark (221-225) take notes

11-29-11 - 2012 Presidential Campaign Project is due today!!!!!!!

11-21-11 - Complete "Day 2" HW for competition

11-14-11 - Ask an adult about their political allegiance and why think that way.  What kinds of issues do they care the most about?

11-8-11 = Mock Trial on Wednesday.  Due Monday Nov 14th = Essay: Is the execution of a minor cruel and unusual punishment?

11-7-11 - Do Trial Work.  Mock Trial on Wednesday.  Due Monday Nov 14th = Essay: Is the execution of a minor cruel and unusual punishment?

11-2-11 - Study for Quiz. Write a paragraph regarding your opinion on capital punishment.

10-31-11 - Complete pages 87-95 Questions.  Bill of Rights and Amendments Quiz on Thursday.

10-26-11 - Find/design 3 examples of 1st Amendment rights

10-24-11 - Quiz Tuesday. You are welcome.

10-21-11 - Quiz on Monday.  Complete the crossword puzzle.

10-18-11 - Read 65-67.  Define the terms on page 67.  Then create 5 review questions and answer them!

10-17-11 - Finish your Constitution Project!  Present tomorrow

10-14-11 - 1. VFW Essay: Is there pride in serving in the military?

               2. Work on your presentation... what else do you need to finish over the weekend (you will have about 30 minutes to work on it on Monday in class.  It is due on Tuesday!)

10-7-11 = Crossword Puzzle!!!!

10-5-11 = Vocab at top of "Leading toward the Constitution" note pages

10-3-11 = Finish Declaration of Independence worksheet

9-30-11 = No HW Enjoy your weekend!

9-28-11 = Quiz Friday (immigration, Unit 1)

9-26-11 = essay due tomorrow

9-22-11 - Immigration Essay due Tuesday Sept. 27th.  Read Articles #4 and #5 - Cite at least 5 uses of rhetoric (craftily using words to persuade)

9-19-11 = Immigration Essay due Tuesday Sept. 27th.  Must reference at least four sources from the packet. "What is the best immigtarion policy fo rthe United States for today and into the future?"

9-14-11 = 1. [DUE MONDAY] Vocabulary - "government" --> "social services"

9-13-11 =  Read/take notes on The Nature of Law pages 1-4; study for brief quiz

9-12-11 = Read/take notes on The Nature of Law pages 1-4

9-7-11--> We got texts, finished going over the syllabus, and had our first lesson on why government is needed.

1. Due Monday, Sept. 12--> Cover Text, Notebook, Student Information Sheet