PHS Debate Team

Next Meeting: Jan 25th!

February 4th -  Glastonbury HS

March 3 - Darien HS or Pomperaug HS

Recent debates:

Should World Civilizations continue to be taught at PHS?

Should Halloween be banned in schools?

Can the assassination of a dictator or rebel group leader be justified?

Should unhealthy foods be banned from schools?

Should the age to legally drive be raised to 18 years old?

Debate Team Description

 Location: Rm. 2227 – Mr. Mariano

When to meet:  Meet every Wednesday after school until the late buses. 

The Debate Team consists of a group of students who will learn a variety of debate styles and practice how to verbally express reasoned and researched arguments.  The Debate Team will research and discuss various issues ranging from “controversial” (Should the death penalty be revoked?) to more relevant issues for adolescents (Do magazines marketed for teenagers send the wrong message?).  Two prevalent objectives of the group are to focus on acceptance for divergent points of views, and constantly examine and re-examine one’s own beliefs.  

The Plainfield High School Debate Team is a member of the Connecticut Debate Association and will travel to several state competitions this winter.  Our Team is the ONLY competitive team east of Glastonbury High School.