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CLC STAGE 1 CULTURE WORKSHEET: The bold is the answers but be VERY specific.

1. Caecilius lived in Italy during the first century AD. in the town of Pompeii.

2. The population of the town was about 10,000 people.

3. The town was located at the food of Mount Vesuvius.

4. Caecilius was a banker,auctioner, tax collecter, farmer, and moneylender, also you could have put He delt in slaves, cloth, timber, and property. Ran a cleaning buisness, grazed sheep and cattle on local pastures outside the town, and owned a few other little shops.

5. Caecilius inhereted some of his money from his father, Lucius Caecilius Felix, but he probablu made most of it through shrewd and energetic buisness activities.

6. Caecilius` full name was Lucius Caecilius Iucundus. Lucius was his personal name. Caecilius his second name shows that he was part of the Caecilii clan. His third name, Iucundus is the name of his family and close relatives and shows he is Pleasent. 

7. Two rights that Caecilius had were:

        1. Only a Roman Citizen could have three names- which he could

       2. Caecilius could vote- he was a Roman Citizen

      3. Caecilus was FULLY protected by the law against unjust treatment- he was a      Roman Citizen.

8. The one exception a slave`s rights is that The law didnt allow the slaves master to put a slave to death without a good reason. But a master could treat them as bad and if the slave was killed accedentaly it was the slaves fault for not listening to the master.

9. (If your name was Caitylyn Ashley Simpson)

First name- personal name/ Caitylyn

Second name- nickname or clan name/ Ashley 

Third name- Family name/ Simpson

10. Metella was responsible for The effectient and economical managment of the slaves and she suprivised the work of domestic slaves. Also she needed to be well organized and firm but sensitive in her control of her slaves.

11 and 12. They could go and shop, hang out with friends (exchange visits), go to the baths, worship at temples, attend public events in the thearter or ampithearter, and accompny their husband at banquets.

13. They could cook, baker, weave, hairdress, shoemake,silversmith, midwive, and doctor.

14. Eumachia was a buisnesswomen who built the Clothworker`s meeting hall in the forum.