Class Policies

Classroom Guidelines

  1. Basis for Final Grade

    1. Classwork/Participation 20%

    2. Homework 20%

    3. Projects/Essays 20%

    4. Quizzes 10%

    5. Tests 30%

  2. Course Policies: Grades

  1. Rewrite Policy: Any written assignments may be rewritten for a revised grade within three days of students receiving returned, graded assignment.

  2. Extra Credit Policy: As a rule, I do not give extra credit points. However, I may, on occasion, make an exception for students who show continuous effort in their school work.

  3. Group Work Policy: Everyone must take part in group projects.  All members of a group will receive the same score; that is,the project is assessed and everyone receives this score. However,that number is only 80% of the grade for this project. The final 20% is individual, and refers to teamwork. Every person in the group will provide the instructor with a suggested grade for every other member of the group, and the instructor will assign a grade that is informed by those suggestions.

  4. Late Work Policy: I will allow make-ups for in-class assignments, quizzes, and tests in cases of excused absenses. Essays turned in late will be assessed a penalty: a half-letter grade if it is one day late, or a full-letter grade for 2-5 days late. Essays will not be accepted if overdue by more than five days.

  1. Course Policies: Student Expectations

    1. Academic Dishonesty Policy: Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you will receive a zero on the work in question AT A MINIMUM. Multiple offenses will result in a meeting with the principal and parents.

      1. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and turning it in as your own. This includes using someone else’s words in an essay without identifying the source, turning in someone else’s work with your name on it, or changing some of the words without changing the sentence structure.