Markerly — Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Campaign Management

Campaign management is the foundation to running a successful marketing campaign. Taking the time to develop these campaign blueprints before releasing a new product or adjusting the brand image can be hugely impactful. Campaign management is comprised of thoughtful planning, timely execution, and a thorough understanding of the audience you are attempting to market. It’s important to keep in mind what the goals of your business or brand are overall, making it more straightforward to develop a strategy that correlates. Using Markerly’s tools, you can construct brand influencer networks with full campaign management capabilities and influencer CRM tools. Effective marketing campaign management is thorough, powered by data, and can bring your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Ø What is marketing campaign management?

Marketing campaign management is the process of planning, executing, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing such campaigns. Campaign management is always focused on a singular brand message that can be pushed across multiple channels. One great example of effective marketing campaigns are the advertisements you see on television. Nowadays, brands do a great job of keeping television ad content relevant and updated because of the large number of viewers they can reach. The purpose of a marketing campaign is to grab the attention of a potential customer regarding a specific problem and provide the solution in the form of your product or service.

Ø Why is marketing campaign management important?

Large companies will often look to ad agencies to create, design, and run entire marketing campaigns on their behalf. Whether you hire an agency or decide to manage a campaign internally, you still need a master plan. The goal of marketing campaign management is to identify which strategies are in the strongest support of brand growth through each digital channel. The data gathered throughout the campaign process is monitored and analyzed along the way, maximizing the amount of opportunity for refinement.

How well you create, execute, and assess your marketing campaign is what makes your business stand out from the competition. Even the most creative marketing campaigns do not succeed if proper marketing campaign management is not consistently implemented and evaluated. For almost a decade, Markerly has been earning the trust of over 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and rising companies in complete marketing campaign management.

Regardless of the scale or scope, most successful marketing campaigns follow the same process. That is, they:

  • Understand the business’ goals
  • Develop a strategy to meet these goals
  • Create marketing collateral for different channels based on the strategy
  • Distribute marketing collateral and track results
  • Analyze results and optimize the strategy

Ø What is the role of a marketing campaign manager?

A marketing campaign manager is responsible for planning and executing campaigns, to best achieve the goals created by the marketing team. A successful marketing campaign manager has learned through first-hand experience the importance of audience segmentation and targeted content. They would also be familiar with CRM and digital marketing automation tools. such as; Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce. Usually, they work closely with the sales team, sales operation, and several external agencies to execute marketing campaigns and measure their overall effectiveness.

A marketing campaign manager is responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of a brand or the products and services that a company sells. Typically, marketing campaign managers are used to draw customers to purchase products from the company and raise brand awareness through marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line:

The purpose of marketing campaign management is to grab the attention of potential customers about a specific problem and convey the message on how to solve the problem by using your service or product. Markerly is a reliable platform that provides strong marketing management plans through platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.