How do you make a printer go from offline to online?

When you install a new brother machine to the computer or network. It will provide you the best at it's performance.

But sometimes, It will not be accessible from your devices. Generally, such problem appears due to the network trouble. To fix such problems, you need to make several changes into your printer.

Here in this article, I am sharing the blog to fix the login problems. you may apply it on your devices.

How to fix brother printer offline on mac computer?

  1. If your brother printer appearing offline on the mac computer. you should try to reboot your devices first.
  2. Now check the connection of your printer and mac computer. make sure your devices are connected with each other via wireless or wired network.
  3. Let’s open the mac command and try to ping from your mac to your computer. it should start working fine.
  4. Let’s assure that your mac pc is able to access the printer online. You need to choose the default printer. so you need to go to the printer settings and click on the default printer.
  5. If your printer is already chosen as default, but still is showing offline. You need to remove the brother printer from the mac pc and then re-add it. now retry to access the printer and print something. Let’s see is it coming online or still appearing offline?
  6. Sometimes, the issues might be from the driver side, your printer driver might not be working properly. so you need to remove the current driver and install a new driver on your computer, and then retry the network again. it should be working fine now.

So these are the steps to fix the brother printer is offline 2021 problem. in case, if you are dealing with some other issues. Visit us for more help.