How to fix Gmail not working?

In the year 2020, Google mail has engaged more than 70% crowd of the internet world and it is still growing.

This is because of ultimate email service. Gmail is free and one of the most powerful email service provider.

They never go down, so if you are using the google mail services. You won’t be facing the server outage issue.

But sometimes, people may complain about some issues related to the google mail. Sign in problem is one of them.

When you can’t sign into gmail account using the computer or phone, it may be due to the following reasons like- incorrect username, password or some other issues.

Today, in this article, I am sharing the instructions about how do you fix the gmail sign in problem.

You may use them to troubleshoot your account issue.

  1. Let’s start with checking the username and password for your account. mostly, people are typing the incorrect email address and password for their account. that’s why they can’t sign into their gmail account. so you should disable the gmail account and follow the instructions given below.
  2. Try to login your account on using the another computer in different network . if you can access the account on other browser or network. you should reset the network setting and browser as well.
  3. Delete the account from your phone or computer, and re-add it using the valid imap or pop3 settings.
  4. If you can’t access your google mail account on any app. Please make sure that app is not outdated . if you find any update for that app. You need to go ahead and update the mail app.,

After following all these instructions, your account will start working fine. If you are still facing any kind of issues with your google account. you may visit askprob forum to fix the problem.


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