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 About Mr. Martinez(http://markmartinez.educatorpages.com) 

Hello My name is Mark Martinez I'm a lifelong native of Southern Colorado. Before becoming a teacher I was a medic in the armed forces and afterward a machinist for the last 11 years. I was fortunate enough to return to school to complete my BS in biology. While working on my degree I taught swim lessons and discovered my passion for teaching. I was accepted into the teaching program at Colorado State University Pueblo and graduated fall of 2012. I look forward to teaching and if any are interested I coach age group swimming.


I believe that under any circumstances anyone can be taught and learning should be made enjoyable. My goal is to provide a positive atmosphere where science can be taught and understood by all who enter my class. I will use any resource that is available to aid in learning. Prepared and enthusiastic toward the subject is how I would like my peers and students to how see how I teach. I look forward to working with families and communities to make science understandable and fun for their students in my class.