FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Will students have homework every night?

Students' homework assignments will vary from 2-4 night per week, 
including some weekends. Students are usually given 10-20 minutes 
in class to start (and sometimes finish) assignments. What is not 
completed in class must be finished at home.

Can homework be done in ink?

Homework must be completed in pencil only.

Is late homework accepted.

Because the value of homework diminishes greatly if not done 
completely and on time, late or incomplete work is not accepted. The exception 
is, of course, in the event of an excused absence, the student will 
be given a few days to complete any missed work and will receive full 

Do students have to show their work?

Most math problem do have work to be shown, but some problems can 
be done "in the head". In this case, the problem and answer must 
be written on the paper, and the student must be prepared to 
explain how he or she arrived at the answer.

How often are quizzes given?

Pop Quizzes can be given at any time, Tests usually occur after the end of 
two or three sections or topics. Usually a one-day or two-day notice 
will be given for tests.

If I give you my email address, will you notify me of my child's progress?

I will do my best to contact you in the event of serious problems 
involving your child, but because of the number of students in 
all classes, routine regular email messages to parents are 
impossible. If a parent ever wants to ask a specific question 
concerning his or her child, I will respond within 24 hours.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can usually reach me by phone in my classroom between 7:00 am 
and 7:40 am before classes or between 2:20 pm and 2:45 pm after 
classes if you need to speak to me right away. Of course, you may 
always leave a message or send an email and I will respond within 
24 hours. The school number is (951) 490-0690. My email address is mpogan@valverde.edu