Our founding father Benjamin Franklin became interested in politics in the 1750's.  He went to England in 1757 to represent Pennsylvania in its fight with the descendants of the Penn family over who should represent the Colony. He remained in England to 1775, as a Colonial representative not only of Pennsylvania, but of Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts as well.  Upon his return to Philadelphia in 1776 the American Revolution was well underway and Franklin was elected to the Second Continental Congress.  In June, 1776 he was part of a committee of five who drafted the Declaration of Independence.  Shortly after signing the Declaration, Franklin set sail to France where he became was a commisioner for the United States. Franklin was well perceived by the French and because of that it was easy for him to persuade France to sign a Treaty of Alliance with the Americans in 1778 and he was there to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783, after the Americans had won the Revolution.  Upon his return the America in 1785 he was given a position second only to George Washington, and to this day Benjamin Franklin is known as the best President that never was.  Benjamin Franklin was the only one of the four founding fathers whose signature is found on all four of the major documents of the founding of the United States: the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, the Treaty of Alliance with France, and the Consititution of the United States.