The Amazing Benefits of Healthy Sex

Healthy sex is not just a fleeting and temporary pleasure, but it will have many benefits for the human body and soul. Having sex is very beneficial for both men and women. In this article from my wife's site, we will explain its amazing benefits to you:

Strengthening intimacy in marriage
One of the necessities of every couple's life is the desire for sex. Increasing the level of information about it leads to an increase in intimacy and interest between husband and wife. Share your expectations of sex with your partner to better meet each other's needs, and by improving it, the emotional relationship between you will be strengthened.

Preventing Depression
By having sex that is intimate and intimate, you will experience an amazing sense of love that will keep you from feeling lonely and depressed.

Increasing Job Satisfaction
Satisfying sex increases your mental efficiency, eliminates boredom, and replaces vitality.

Increasing the level of immunity The body
produces more immunoglobulin with regular sexual activity, which increases the body's resistance to colds. People who have sex on average twice a week also have higher levels of antibodies in their saliva, which boosts the level of immunity.

Increasing the metabolism of
sex increases the body's metabolism, and sex, just like exercise, burns a lot of calories in the body.

Increase self-confidence
By having healthy sex, with someone you love, you will increase your level of self-satisfaction and you will become bolder and braver in life decisions.

Reducing stress
By having a healthy and continuous relationship, blood pressure levels decrease, which reduces stress in men and women, and also significantly reduces the percentage of strokes and heart attacks.

Pain reliever
Sexual activity causes the body to produce endorphins, which cause the highest amount of brain pleasure, and as a result, relieve a variety of pains, especially migraines and headaches.

Improving sleep
Feeling relaxed and comfortable is the result of healthy sexual activity. After sexual gratification and orgasm, a substance called prolactin is released in the body, which causes a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness after intercourse, especially in men.

Reducing the risk of prostate cancer The
right response to libido and timely ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men, especially at older ages.