Great Exercises for Teens                                           due in class on Monday, September 13th.
Aerobic exercise is perfect for teens who are independent and like variety. Some possibilities include running, in-line skating, cycling, swimming, power- or race-walking, tennis, full-court basketball, aerobic dancing, kick-boxing, Tae Bo, hockey, soccer, rowing, elliptical trainer, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, racquetball, handball, ice-skating, and trampoline.

The American Heart Association suggests that teens raise their heart rates for 20 minutes without stopping, three or more times a week. Reassure your teen that aerobic exercise, when done correctly, shouldn't resemble running timed laps in gym class, when many kids feel like their lungs are ready to burst and their legs are on fire. This isn't about "no pain, no gain" it's about choosing fun physical fitness activities that also make you sweat and breathe a little harder.

Exercise should never hurt, although a little muscle soreness can be expected, especially in the initial weeks of a workout program. Be sure your teen knows the importance of stretching and warming up. And keep in mind that out-of-shape kids should start out slowly, since they are more prone to serious injury if they do too much too soon.

1. What are some examples of Aerobic Exercise?

2. Name the two ways that your body is telling you that you are exercising.

3. What range of beats per minute (bpm) is ideal for junior high students?