Current Events Powerpoint

Current Event Powerpoint          Hello, students! The Current Event Presentations are the most exciting part of my curriculum. Past students have asked me to add more, not less, to the lesson plans. Sadly, I do not have the time to add more of them. These lessons evolved from the International Relation classes I taught at Barbara Goleman Senior High. I have never had a class of students more motivated and ready to present their topics. I may have my  honor students present following Christmas Break. All other students I will have you present your Powerpoint during the last weeks of school.

Here is what you need to look for:

1.- Research your topic: You are wrong to think you can present a topic by just reading one article on the issue. You need to read many articles from the internet. I will accept Wikipedia. Be careful what sources you use. They need to be credible sources. I suggest you read at least 20 articles on your selected topic. You will then incorporate what you learned into your slideshow. If you copy any sentence from a source and not put it in your own words, you will receive and "F" for this Powerpoint. You need to read, incorporate the material (synthesize data) and express it in your own words. You may always quote someone, or some source. But maybe one or two slides only. Cut and Paste = F.

2.- Make it Visual: If I ask you to place a minimum of 1 picture per slide, don't just do the least amount of work! Add pictures! This is what your fellow classmates will remember, not the words you place on the slide. If you wish to add more pics than fit in a slide, all you need to do is ADD MORE SLIDES! Remember, the slides and pictures are free.

3.- Learn Your Topic: You are required to teach the class. I will ask you questions on your topic. If you don't know the answer, you will earn a poor "Overall" grade. Also, with knowledge comes confidence. I don't want you to read from your Index Cards. Start to ween away from their usage. Follow the same format as I mention in the Powerpoint Presentation Requirement website.

File Name: Your Topic - Your Name  [ Example: Haiti Deforestation - and your name. ]

Format: Follow the format -     

1.- Title Page ( slide 1 ) - Your Topic, Your Name, Your Period    

2.- Vocabulary ( slide 3 ) - Usually necessary. Create your own list of words students should know.

3.- Famous People ( slide 4 ) - Not always necessary.  Example, regarding the Aral Sea, there really is no need to add this slide.    

4.- Map Page  ( slide 5  )- Always Necessary    

5.- Content ( slide 6 - the end ) - must have at least 20 slides of content material. No more than 35 slides, please    



       We are looking at 15 grades overall:

  • Visuals - 1 grade - A or F ( must have at least 1 picture per slide )
  • Oral Presentation - 5 grades - You must have Index Cards, or cut out your own. No Printed Copies Allowed. I will take them from you.  
  • Grammar and punctuation - 2 grades - No errors; If you have Spell Check on your PPoint program you should have zero mispelled words -  A or F
  • Format slides - 2 grades - no more than 30 words per slide; must follow the required slide formation, and file name-  A or F.
  • Overall- 5 grades - Did you adequately research the material? Did you follow the format? Did you present it clearly?