Powerpoint Due Dates

Dear Students:

Our school year is divided into 4 quarters. I divide my textbook into 4 quarters, as well. Each student will be required to present a section of a chapter for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Quarters and a Current Event Powerpoint, aswell. The Current Event Powerpoint will be presented throughtout the 3rd and 4th quarters. Therefore, I would suggest you take the Christmas Break to complete it. Honor students will be required to present, more than the regular students. That will be sorted out in the classroom. I can't permit the students to turn in the Powerpoint presentations the day they are due, because if the student is absent that day, I can't hold up the lessons until she/he returns to class. Therefore, I collect all Powerpoints 1 week before the beginning of each quarter. HOWEVER, the 1st Quarter, I will require the Honor Students to present the first ones. There will be pressure to produce faster. The regular students will be assigned to present beginning in week two or three. You will all be assigned the exact date  on the whiteboard. All due dates for Tests, Quizzes, Projects, etc. are posted on the whiteboard.

Again, to be clear, I will post these dates on the classroom whiteboard. PLEASE pay attention to these dates. I can't tell you how many students end the school year not knowing that everything has been posted on the whiteboard since the beginning of the year, even though I announce regulary.

Understand, I will require that you turn in your Powerpoint on OR before the due dates. DO NOT wait until the last minute to do your work. I am not the bad guy if you fail to turn it in because something goes wrong. Turn it in a day, a week, or even a month earlier. It is your choice to be responsible.

 Good Luck.