Homework and Test Dates for World History

World History Classes  

     Each student will be required to participate in their education in the form of Power Point Presentations. This format allows for a real Child-Centered experience, where the students themselves teach themselves and their classmates.

     ALL students will be required to create their own Powerpoints and learn the software. It is important that you learn the content so you may properly present the material. Of course, the teacher will be present to add to your lessons. Chapter Quizzes and Tests will be announced as we progress throughout the school year.  World History Students, we will cover 8 chapters per quarter for a total of 32 chapters for the Four Quarters of our school year. We have Microsoft Office software at our school Media Cener if you don't have it at home. Because our school is also an Adult Ed school, the Media Center is open quite late, daily. If a student has any problems, please inform me immediately of any issue. Assignments are given due dates and there are NO EXTENSIONS.


     We will cover the entire World History book. Each student will answer questions 1 - 8 in each Section Assessment of each Chapter. The homework will be collected the first day of the week the student returns to class. Example: Chapter 1, Section Assessments 1 + 2 will be due the first week of class, by Aug 30, 2013. Each week thereafter, the students will turn in their work on the first day they return to class. Remember, we have 2 hour Block Schedule. Below is the schedule of days that the corresponding World History Section Assessments will be due:

First Quarter

Chapter 1: Aug 22-23   / Chapter 2: Aug 26 - 27     / Chapter 3: Sept 3 - 4     / Chapter 4: Sept 9 - 10     / Chapter 5: Sept 16 - 17 /    Chapter 6: Sept 23 - 24    / Chapter 7:  Sep 30 and Oct 1    / Chapter 8: Oct 7 - 8. From October 14 through the end of the quarter, we will not be assigning any chapters from the book until the next quarter. Instead of working from the book, we will be devoting our time to developing Reading and Critical Thinking in class. No Homework from the book. However, you can work on your powerpoints. 


Second Quarter

Chapter 9: Oct 28 - 29      / Chapter 10: Nov 4 - 5   / Chapter 11: Nov 12- 13    / Chapter 12: Nov 18 - 19   / Chapter 13: Nov 25 - 26   / Chapter 14: Dec 2 - 3   / Chapter 15: Dec 9 - 10  / Chapter 16: Dec 16 - 17. Before Christmas Break, will will have completed half of the World History Book. Upon return, we will have no homework from the book assigned. A Mid-Term exam MAY be given. That is an option left up to the teacher. From Jan. 6 - 16, we will be focusing once again on developing reading and comprehension skills in the classroom on a daily basis, until the beginning of the Third Quarter.


Mid-Term Exam: The exact dates will be announced prior to the Christmas Break; however, it will take place at the end of this quarter. It is recommended that students use their Christmas Break to study for this test. Most likely, the Mid-Term Exams will take place on Jan 14 and 15. It will be announced in the class IF I CHOOSE TO ADMINISTER THIS EXAM, AS IT HAS BECOME OPTION.


Third Quarter

Chapter 17: Jan 21 and 22      / Chapter 18: Jan 27 and 28     / Chapter 19: Feb 3 and 4     / Chapter 20: Feb 10 and 11 /    Chapter 21: Feb 18 and 19    / Chapter 22: Feb 24 and 25    / Chapter 23: Mar 3 and 4    /Chapter 24: Mar 10 and 11   / Ch 25: Mar 17 and 18. (Please note: I added an extra chapter this quarter, as I will be out of town the first week after Spring Break. While I am gone from March 31 through April 4, the substitute teacher will administer reading assignments to the students during my absence. 


 Fourth Quarter

Chapter 26:  Apr 7 and 8   / Chapter 27: Apr 14 and 15      / Chapter 28: Apr 21 and 22 /    Chapter 29: Apr 298and 29    / Chapter 30: May 5 and 6    / Chapter 31: May 12 and 13    /Chapter 32: May 19 and 20.


Final Exam: This date will be announced at a later date; however, it will take place at the end of this quarter. It is recommended that students use their Spring Break to study for this test. THIS IS ALSO OPTIONAL, THE TEACHER WILL ADVISE STUDENTS BEFOREHAND.