Homework Instructions

Homework for Quarters 3 and 4


In order to give students an opportunity to be more creative and explore their individual interests, they will be completing research projects as homework. Every two weeks they will choose a topic to research. The topic can be a person, place, thing, animal, or any other nonfiction topic on which they can find information. They should choose a topic that interests them and they can use to find information. Information can come from library books, web sites, or books from home. If using a web site, please print out the page and include it with the project.

I have split the class into two sections, and each section will complete a topic on the same schedule. The blue section will start their first topic the week of January 9th, and their first assignment will be due January 20th.The red section will begin on January 17th with their first assignment due January 27th. They will complete a new project every two weeks thereafter. By alternating groups, there will be more opportunity for students to share their projects. The groups are as follows:

Blue                            Red


Alexis L.

Alexis S.

Alexis T.
























The schedule will be as follows:

Monday week 1: students choose a topic and write two or three complete sentences describing why they picked that particular topic. They also write five questions they have about their topic. The questions should guide the research, however on occasion students may be unable to find the answers to all their questions. If this occurs, they can change the question.

Wednesday week 1: Students create an illustration of their topic and begin their research to answer their questions.

Monday week 2: Through their research, students should find the answers to their questions. Using complete sentences they will record their answers.

Wednesday week 2: Students choose a project, either from the list on the following page or one they think of on their own, and complete it. Projects should be of high quality and include details about their topic.

Friday week 2: Sentences, questions, answers, and projects are due. Students will have the opportunity to share what they have learned.

We will practice this process as a class, so your child should have an idea of what to do. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am looking forward to seeing the interesting and creative work students will be doing.

Please note: On Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, students will have math homework as they did in the first semester.