Medieval Madness

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  All ye lads and lasses.

For this term we will be focussing on activities that relate to the marvellous Middle Ages.  From the black plague to jousting knights and damsels in distress.   There is a lot to find out about life in Europe 800 years ago.

To help you with your research click on the links provided below.  They will take you to all the information you ever wanted to know (and some you didn't) about the times of their vile village lives!

Mrs M Cool


Interactive Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages (Including Bubonic Plague)

Medieval History for Kids

Medieval Timeline

All About Medieval Times (lots of links)

All You Need to Know About Castles

More Links to the Middle Ages

Shields - information on designs and colours

Medieval Fun - A Journey Back Through Time

Medieval Madness - Information for kids by kids

A Step Back in Time

Middle Ages, Chivalry and Knighthood

Medieval Life

Peasant Life

Middle Ages Information