About Me



Hey there everyone! My name is Mary Ann Lazo and I am currently attending the University of North Texas in Denton. After being so sure that I wanted to be a social worker, the extreme reading and writing began to drown me with stress. While having two jobs as a tutor, I was able to realize that I had the patience and love for kids as well as a passion for math. I soon decided to change my major to become a math teacher. I believe we are not just tutors or teachers, we are life coaches with instructions that will last a lifetime.    


I come from a Hispanic Christian family. Carrollton, Texas has been my hometown all my life. I had a little black lamb! I am the oldest of three kids with two younger brothers. Being the only girl and the oldest has been tough throughout my life. It has actually brought me many struggles as a young girl and a teenager. However, my faith never fainted and God was always there. I recently lost the one person I have ever truly loved. All I am focused in now is getting closer to God and dedicating my life to Jesus Christ. 


Me, Myself, and I


Nickname: Niña (means "girl" in spanish)

Birthday: May 13, 1989

Birthplace: Dallas, TX

Eye Color: Brown



Color: all of them

Number: 7

Band: Hillsong United

Actor: Will Smith

Fast Food Restaurant: Sonic

Candy: Snickers

Drink: water