Ms. Baldwin's Class:What to Expect!

Welcome to Ms. Baldwin's class! I would like to give you some tips on what I believe to be my role in the classroom and the ways I will impact learning.  My ultimate goal as a teacher is prepare my students with the knowledge that will help them to become motivated, focused, and independent learners.  I want my students to understand that I am working in their best interest: my aim in the classroom is for all of my students to succeed academically. In other words, I am on your side and I believe in you!

My Role in the Classroom and Impacting Learning

My role as the teacher in my classroom is to implement a variety of instructional practices that will be effective to not only teach my students but to also encourage my students to learn. Very little learning can take place if students are not motivated by fun, challenging, and relevent lesson plans. My classroom is a safe environment where students can openly contribute their opinions about future lesson plans and my teaching techniques. My goal as a teacher is to give students a voice in my classroom.  My students will challenge my teaching styles and contribute to deciding which academic tasks will assist students more in the learning process.

My role as a teacher is to also encourage my students to take charge of their own lives as learners.  In my classroom, I will give students the opportunity to decide their academic tasks, work locations, and tey will even have a voice in their rubrics used for grading their work.  Giving students a voice in their course work teaches them to make responsible decisions and encourages them to be more accountable for their work.  When students decide how to use their time and what tasks will benefit them most, they take an ownersip in their learning process, which encourages them to obain their learning goals. Smile Giving students a voice and a choice impacts learning in a poitive way because it promotes responsibility and ownsership of learning.