Classroom Management

 Classroom Management!Smile

In order to avoid behavior problems in my classroom, the classroom behavior expectations will be established on the first day of school and they will also be included in my class syllabus. Behavior problems will be dealt with immeadiately following the offense.  In my classroom, students will be expected to behave in a way that is classroom appropriate. Smile This means there will be no horseplay, fighting, talking-back, blurting out, bullying, disrespect towards others, name-calling, or disrupting the class.  There are also specific ways to behave during class discussions or when class is in session.  This means that while I am teaching, students will be expected to raise their hands whenever they wat to speak.  Talking out is considered a disurption to the class.  Also, students must raise their hands to ask to leave the room if it is an emergency.  Sudents must sign out whenever they leave the classroom no matter what their destination.  Only one student at a time may leave to use the restroom.  I may allow a students to go, but only upon the return of the last student who left to go to the restroom.  

If a student breaks the classroom rules or does not meet the behavior expectations listed above, the student will sign the book. Frown  Signing the book is a students punishment for breaking any of the classroom rules and regulations.  The book will be a notebook that will sit at the front of the room at all times.  The goal is for students to avoid signing the book, because the more the student signs the book, the more their punishment increases.  For instance, if the student signs the book twice in one week, they will have silent lunch the day of the second book signing.  If a student signs the book three times in one week, I will call that student's parents and notify them of their student's behavior.  If the student has more than three behavior offenses in a week, that student's parent or guardian will be notified and that student will attend ISS (In-School Suspension) the following day.