Class time, Homework, and Grading- Oh my!

Class Time and HomeworkCool

I plan for my class time and homework assignments to be used WISELY! Students will not just be memorizing knowledge for standardized tests or to meet any other standard or statistic.  Students will become active learners in the classroom.  Class time will be valuable and essential to student learning.  My lessons are designed so that students will not be able to dilly-dally or day dream during class. The students must pay attention or they will be behind in the time -intensive lesson.  We will move from activity to activity at a very fast pace in order to keep up with the rest of the class. Time is valuable- there is no time to wate! In other words, paying attention will lead to becoming an active and engaged learner.  Engaging actively in learning increases student success! Smile

Homework assignments will be sparse because there will be no busy work.  If there is a homework assignment it will be very necessary for student learning. Homework improves learning because it promotes individual work outside the classroom. 


Grading will be used to determine student progress towards their learning goals.  Grading is also a way for myself, as the teacher, to determine my students' individual learning needs and the necessary differentiated instruction for each of my students to achieve success. Smile