Open Court

This week we will be reading "Business is Looking Up."  It is about two kids who start their own greeting card business.  It is a very enjoyable story, but it also teaches about the difficulties and joys of running your own business.  I believe the students will enjoy it. 

The new fluency goal is 105 words per minute.  Of course, if your child is not there yet, don't be discouraged.  The important thing is to keep trying and practicing everyday.  The next SCOE test is coming up in December.


Please make sure your child studies this week's vocabulary words:       

advertise (verb) - to tell people through print, by radio, or by television that you are selling something

designs (noun) - drawings or outlines made to serve as a guide or pattern

product (noun) - an item that someone sells

sound (adjective) - based on facts, truth, or good sense

investment (noun) - the use of money to make a profit