Happy New Year Everyone!  Welcome to the 2013 school year.  With the new year, we are happy to welcome our new math books, readers, and work books.  We will be working ernestly in them in the following months. Our second graders will be preparing the mass for January 17th.  Parents are encouraged to come to this mass.  

Spelling words for January include:

running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed, mixed, going : these words tested Jan. 11th

night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, fry, sigh, by, why : these words tested Jan. 17th

happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city, tiny, many : these words tested Jan. 25th

Reminder: kids will not be in class Jan. 18th due to Teacher conference day.  

I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your wonderful Christmas gifts and good wishes!  I hope you all had a woderful holiday season.