Expectations and Policies

Behavioral Expectations:

-Students will keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

-Students will respect their teacher and peers.

-Students will keep the classroom clean and organized.

-Students will speak kindly to others.

-Students will encourage their peers. 

-Students will raise their hand prior to speaking during instruction.

Digital Citizenship:

Students and parents will sign a digital citizenship agreement that recognizes that each student understands how to behave when using computers and tablets in the classroom. 

Classroom Policies:

Students will have four homework passes for the year to use in exchange for one homework assignment per pass. Late assignments are accepted up to one day late. Homework packets will be sent out each Monday and will be due on Friday. Homework checks for completion of the packets will be at the beginning of the school day on Fridays. Students should spend thirty minutes each night working on homework packets and studying spelling words.

If a student is tardy, they need to check into the front office with their parent or gaurdian before entering the classroom.