Course outline

Math 10 Common  

Teacher:           Mr. Hirst

Text:                 McGraw-Hill Ryerson



Course Description: Mathematics 10 Common is designed to allow students entry to postsecondary education after completing grade 12 mathematics or entry into various trades and/or workplace.


         Topics                                                                WT                  Time

1                    Measuring systems                                5%                   2 wks

2                    Surface Area & Volume                        5%                   2 wks

3                    Right Triangle Trig                                 10%                 2 wks

4                    Exponents & Radicals                           10%                 2 wks

5                    Polynomials                                          10%                  2 wks

6                    Linear Relations                                    5%                    2 wks

7                    Linear Equations                                   10%                  2 wks

8                    Linear Systems (graphically)                  5%                    2 wks

9                    Linear Systems (algebraically)               10%                  2 wks


Final Exam                                           30%

Each chapter or unit consists of a test 80%, project 10%, assignments 5% and quizzes 5%.  Ongoing assessment and homework will be given consideration.

A scientific calculator is required.

All work designated for a chapter must be completed prior to the chapter test.

Tests not completed on the scheduled date must be rescheduled with the teacher.   

One rewrite from any chapter will be permitted, towards the end of the semester to improve the overall mark.

Throughout this course every opportunity will be taken to incorporate the SSDEC initiatives of Literacy (word wall, read-along etc), Numeracy(mental math and estimation), IT (calculators and spreadsheets), Career Development(occupations involving math) and Dene Kede