8th Grade

Welcome 8th grade students and parents,

On this page you will find all homework assignments and test dates listed. Please be sure to complete all homework assignments as they are not only an important part of your grade but truly reinforce everything we have learned in class.


Marking Period 2 


November 1    



Study for Lines and Angles QUEST 

 November 2 No school - election day
November 4 

**Lines & Angles QUEST** 

Lines and angles worksheet 

November 5converting words to algebraic expressions worksheet
November 8 converting words to algebraic expressions worksheet 2
November 9 No class- parent teacher conferences
November 11 NO SCHOOL

Marking Period 1 


September 13/14:    



Sign Math Contract (Parents/Guardians & Students) 

 September 16:Exponents & Multiplication Worksheet
 September 17:Exponents & Division Worksheet 
 September 20:
Properties of Exponents Worksheet
  ***Exponents QUIZ on Thursday, September 23***
 September 21: STUDY FOR QUIZ
 September 23:
 Percents to Decimal & Part of a whole worksheets
 September 24:
 Skill 18: Percent of Change Worksheet
 September 27: Real Life Application: At the store WS
 September 28: Math Tip Worksheet 
  **** Percents QUIZ on September 30**** 
 September 30 NO HOMEWORK 
 October 1Final Exponents Review Worksheet 
 October 4  Solving one-step equations Worksheet
 October 5NO HOMEWORK - Ms. Preston was absent 
 October 7NO HOMEWORK- Pre-test 
 October 8 Lesson 9.1: solving two-step equations Worksheet
 October 12
Distributive Property Worksheet
October 14
 Solving Inequalities Worksheet
 October 15
 Graphing Inequalities Worksheet
 October 18 Graphing Inequalities pt. 2 Worksheet
 *****Test on inequalities Thursday October 21*****
 October 19Study for Test 
 October 21No Homework 
 October 22No homework due to Specialized high school test on saturday 
 October 25Complementary and Supplementary Angles worksheet 
 October 26Vertical Angles worksheet 
 October 28Transversals Worksheet