Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”

                                                                                                  Francis of Assisi


Instructor: Mrs. B. Bishop                                                                             Room: 135


Course: Sixth Grade Mathematics 

Text Book: Holt McDougal Mathematics Worktext & Textbook – Course 1


Scope:   Each lesson targets one or more benchmarks using a 5-step process that leads the student from

               discovery to mastery.


Course Concepts


Whole Numbers and Patterns

Proportional Relationships

Introduction to Algebra

Measurement and Geometry


Measurement: Area and Volume

Number Theory and Fractions

Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

Fraction Operations


Collecting and Displaying Data



  *Grading Policy/Grading Scale:



         A = Excellent                                             90 - 100%

       B = Good                                            80 - 89

       C = Satisfactory                                  70 - 79%

    D = Improvement Needed                 60 - 69%

              F = Unsatisfactory                                0 - 59%


Evaluation will be based on: Effort Grade and Scholarship Grade
  1. Class Participation
  2. Computer Assignments
  3. Warm-ups/Completed daily assignments
  4. Quizzes (announced and unannounced)
  5. Home Learning
  6. Tests/Assessments, Mid-Term and Final Exam


 Required Items


  1. 3 Ring Binder/Dividers
  2. Pencils/Pencil Sharpener/Eraser
  3. Notebook Paper/graph paper



  1. Students are to wear appropriate uniforms daily.
  2. Students are to be in class, seated and ready to commence work on the warm-up exercise by the time the late bell rings.
  3. Procedures in the handbook will be followed regarding absences, tardies, and skipping/cutting class.   (Good attendance is important in the success of a student.)
  4. Students must keep all vocabulary and class notes in order, with most recent work appearing first or on top.
  5. The majority of the class time is spent working in groups to solve problems by answering questions, and using multiple representations to analyze and solve problems. Students in groups may at times present their solutions to the class. The teacher is a facilitator and guide in support of your learning.
  6. Students are not dismissed by the bell, but by the teacher.
  7. Students must learn and adhere to THE SEVEN HABITS OF Highly Effective Teens
  8. Students are expected to EXCEL and SUCCEED.







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