Math Links

Math Links

Great resource for TAKS and released test -

The Texas Center for Academic Excellence (TxCAE): A Distance Learning Initiative - Great math lessons -

5th grade concepts, games, review, and practice -

Fun math site -

For teachers, students, and parents.  Helps students enjoy learning and excel in school -

Fun math activities for all grade levels -

Games, flashcards, etc. -

Math games -

Games, lessons, and more -

Flashcards, etc. -

Math mysteries -

Math challenges for families -

New math stuff daily -

Basic number concept games -

New 5th grade concepts site -

Algebra: Algebra lessons at -

Math fun!!! cool math at -

Practice ordering fractions -

Interactive math dictionary -

Worksheets -

TEKS/TAKS directory -

Online manipulatives -

Sudoku puzzles -

Set and Triology Daily Puzzle: great for practicing examples and nonexamples for TAKS -

Real world math movie of the week -

Glossary, manipulatives, and games -

Great practice math site -

Division practice -

Ruler game -

National library of virtual manipulatives -

2004 online TAKS -

Bar graph interactive -

Stem and leaf plotter -

Create a graph -

2006 Released MATH TAKS -