If this is your first time planning a trip to South Asia, we have prepared a short guide for you on how to best arrange your trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Be sure to read the article below!

How long will it take us to travel around these two countries!

Of course, it all depends on your budget, individual expectations, and the number of free days, but it's worth knowing that it will take us more time to visit Sri Lanka. Ideally, it would be about ten days in Sri Lanka and six days in the Maldives, although we will often find 7 + 7 options in travel agencies' offers for Sri Lanka Tour Package For Family The best idea is to allow yourself some time to relax - even if you plan all the places you want to see very carefully, be aware that upon arrival, it may turn out that some of them are inaccessible / not matching your expectations or it will take a lot of time to visit them less time than you expected. Often, by accident, you will discover something that will delight you, and that was not on the list because, for example, a local resident will tell you about a place. These are the charms of traveling,

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When is the best time to travel?

There is no exact reply to this question. In practice,Sri Lanka Trip Package help to get the cheapest tickets to Sri Lanka can be found from January to March, after the main tourist season. The temperature on the island throughout the year does not fall below 24 degrees Celsius, so for a French resident, even a "winter" visit will be satisfying.

A few words about Sri Lanka

It is referred to as the Tear of India or the Pearl of the Indian Ocean - because of the shape of the island. What this rather small islandreminds us of the first thought are tea plantations. There is a reason why its other name is Ceylon. In addition to tea plantations, residents grow rice and many different types of spices here. Buddhism is the dominant religion and with Srilanka Tour Package Itinerary you can enjoy lot of thing there.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Is it worth booking accommodation before arriving on the island? Not necessarily, but for your own comfort, you can book a room for the first two or three nights, because on-site we will definitely be able to negotiate a lower price (unless we find a favorable promotion). There are both luxury hotels,hostels, guesthouses, and entire bungalows for rent. Not having too much demand for space for the night, you can find pleasant double rooms with private bathrooms for about USD 15 (total).

What tourist attractions does Sri Lanka offer?

Sri Lanka Travel Packages has a lot to offer tourists and at different price ranges. Attractions can be divided into several categories, including historical sites and ruins, temples, national parks, exotic beaches and jungles, mines, tea plantations, and rice fields, day and night markets, and of course, Sri Lankan cuisine.