Fitness For Life

Fitness for Life


Class Description


1.                              Philosophy


This PS Class subscribes to a widely accepted concept of the unity of mind and body which is formulated upon physiological, psychological and sociological principals.


The overall aim of the class is to maximize opportunities for attaining motor skills, physical fitness, knowledge, understanding and values through participation in movement experiences and discussions. 


2.                              Goals


A.                 To provide a planned sequential program that will continue to aid in the progressive development of the physically educated person.

B.                 To foster and understand a favorable attitude toward physical activity and healthful living

C.                 To promote physical growth and organic vigor through activities designed to develop strength, endurance, coordination, agility and flexibility.

D.                 To develop values, appreciation and positive attitudes through participation in movement experiences and discussion.


3.                              Activities


·        Weight Lifting 3 times a week

·        Fitness tests and agility drills

·        Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey, Volleyball, Pickleball etc.


4.                              Students Responsibility


·        Be on time with proper clothing.

·        Be ready to participate.

·        Report unsafe situations

·        Do not leave class without permission..

·        Be respectful of teacher and other students.

·        No profane lauguage.    

5.                  Grading

This class is an activity class. Participation is the key to getting a good      grade.  Each day the student doesn’t participate and comes improperly prepared there will be a reduction in their grade. If the student is absent he/she must see teacher for make-up work. The final grade for the class will be a combination of physical activity and improvement in strength and speed, along with citizenship and preparation      


6.                  Attendance


            All assignments missed, while absent from class will be recorded as a zero. Make-up work is worth 8 of the 10 daily points possible.