M. Sports Conditioning

M. Sports Conditioning


Class Description


1.                  Philosophy


This class subscribes to a widely accepted concept of the unity of mind and body which is formulated upon physiological, psychological and sociological principals.


The overall aim of the class is to maximize opportunities for attaining motor skills, physical fitness, knowledge, understanding and values through participation in movement experiences and discussions.


2.                  Goals


This PE class is designed to help students to improve their overall physical strength and to perfect their skills in the game of basketball through fundamental drills and repetition.


3.                  Activities

a.       Weight lifting 2 -3 times a week.

b.      Fitness tests and agility drills.

c.       Basketball shooting, ball handling, and fundamentals.


4.                  Student Responsibility


·        Be on time with proper clothing.

·        Be ready to participate.

·        Report unsafe situations

·        Do not leave class without permission..

·        Be respectful of teacher and other students.

·        No profane language

·        Make-up all days missed.


     5.          Dress

Students are expected to dress down daily for PE class. If there is a health problem see your teacher. An extended period of inactivity will require a parent or doctors note.  


6.                  Grading


If students dresses down properly for class, is on time, and is participating in all activities with a good attitude, each day is worth 10 points. If a student is absent he/she needs to make-up the day missed. See your teacher for make-up work. Make-up assignments are worth 8 of the 10 points for the day missed. The final grade is a combination of dress, participation, citizenship, attitude, cooperation, and written tests.