Ford Elementary PE


Welcome Back!

Ford Elementary's PE teachers are Lance Norris and Kelly Mattingly.  They look forward to seeing

familiar faces and meeting new ones.  PE is a great place to have fun and get in shape!  


Dress Code:

Safety is our top priority. Please ensure that your child has proper rubber soled shoes. NO HEELS, OPENED TOE SHOES, or FLIPFLOPS. With field trips and schedule changes, keeping a pair of shoes in your child’s book bag will eliminate confusion and lack of preparedness.  If a student has on a skirt or dress, please make sure they have on shorts underneath.



If your student is sick or hurt and cannot participate in PE, PLEASE SEND A NOTE WITH A DATE WHEN THEY CAN RETURN AND PARTICIPATE.



The mission of the Physical Education Department at Ford Elementary is to provide students with the opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, motivation, and behaviors that lead to a physically active and healthy lifestyle.