Parent Letter

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3399 Division Road                            Jackson, WI 53037                             School - (262)677-4051 ext. 1174                              Home -   (262)                                                                                                                                                                                 8-26-2010Dear parent,                                                         I thank the Lord that you have given me the privilege of assisting you in bringing up your child in the training and instruction of the Lord.   I assure you that it is my goal that everything we do in the classes I  teach will be done under the guidance of God's Law, with the motivation of God's love to serve Him in all that we do, and the desire to prepare your child for a life of service to the Lord.   I hope to get to know you throughout the school year.  I look forward to serving the Savior with you and your child throughout the year.            Please call me or stop to see me at school if you'd like to get to know me more, if you have questions, or if you have any concerns.  Good communication between parents, students, and the teacher  is essential to the training of a child in service to the Savior.  The more we communicate, the more problems and misunderstandings we can avoid.  You call me at school or at home (262)338-0653.  You can also e-mail me at            I want to make sure that you and your child understand some important information about the physical science courses at KML.  I gave your child a syllabus which describes this course on this first day of class.  I also distributed it on orientation night.  Please take the time to go over the syllabus with your child.  It will be very beneficial and should answer many of the questions which you may have.   The letter and course syllabus were both shared with Principal Steve Granberg.            There are also some important points that I’d like to share about helping your child do well in this course.
1.      Set up an organized place in your home where your child can finish assignments. 2.      Help your child set up a consistent schedule for finishing schoolwork at home.3.      Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child, but do not sit with him/her and the do the assignment.  The purpose of the assignment is for your child to practice and use what he/she has learned.  If your child is consistently not able to do the assignments by himself/herself, please contact the teacher.  I will help whenever I can.  Your child can also receive help at the learning center at school.4.      If your child is practicing a skill, ask him/her to tell you which steps are easy, which are difficult, and how he/she will improve.  If your child is doing a project, ask him/her what knowledge he/she is applying in the project.  If your child is consistently unable to talk about the knowledge and skills he/she is practicing or using, please call the teacher.
5.      Although there will be exceptions, generally your child should spend about 90 minutes on all his/her assignments each night.  Typically, he/she should spend about 10 to 20 minutes on each science assignment. Some days the assignments will be longer, other times there may be no assignment.6.      Establish a consistent time to go to sleep.  When a person goes to sleep is just as important as how long he/she sleeps.  Even if the assignment isn’t done, let your child go to sleep.  If there was just simply not enough time to complete an assignment or there is another reason that an assignment didn’t get finished, write a note explaining that to me and if the reason is valid, I won’t penalize the child’s grade on the assignment.7.      If you didn’t particularly enjoy science or math during school, be sure that you are careful about how you share that with your child.   Saying things like “I never understood that stuff” or “I never have used this in my life” can have extreme detrimental effects on a student’s motivation and self-confidence. 
I want to make sure you and your child are aware of assignment, test and course grades throughout the semester.   You can request that our grading program, PowerSchool, sends you e-mails about your students progress.   To do so, go to and login using your parent/guardian user name and password.  Then click on the “Email Notification” icon at the top of the screen.  To have a summary of all your child's grades in all their classes emailed to you, select the "Summary of current grades and attendance" option.  To have a detailed list of all the assignment grades for each of your child's classes, select the "Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class" option - you will receive a separate email for each class.  Next, you will select how often you would like these reports sent to you.  You are encouraged to then check the "Send now" option to make sure your email address works properly.  Finally, you should enter your email address or addresses and click Submit.   I can also print reports to update you on your child’s progress on the second day of each week.   If you would like these grade reports printed for you, please indicate so on the slip found below.Description of the course as well as past, present and future assignments can be found at also want to encourage your child to excel in areas of his/her interest.   Science can be used in so many areas.  Many extra credit opportunities will be given to the students for each chapter.  Encourage your child to look at these as they are able and to choose ones that interest them and that are appropriate for his/her ability level.                                                                                                               Serving the Savior,                                                                                                             Matthew  J.  MoellerPlease sign, clip, and return the bottom portion of this letter to me so that I know that you have received it.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUT HERE à =========================================================Please fill in the blanks below, cut the bottom portion of the letter on the line above, and have your child to return it to me as soon as possible.   Your signature is your indication to me that you have read the course syllabus that was given to the students on the first day of class.  I want to make sure that all parents have received this important information.Student Name _______________________________ Parent Signature____________________________ Date _______________

 _____ Please send a printed grade report with my child.COMMENTS AND/OR QUESTIONS