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Corporate Culture

Apachi mission

Corporate Mission: Continue to create value for our customers;

Apachi Vision

Professional suppliers of high quality new fabrics

Apachi Values

Learning, growth, unity, hard work, dedication, synchronization of the company with the times, creating value with customers, and creating benefits with employees Standards of Business Conduct

 The Standards of Business

Conduct describes the company’s core values, which are the cornerstones of our corporate goals. In this regard, the company's Standards of Business Conduct applies not only to our business operations, but also to the specific business conduct of each company employee. The Standards of Business Conduct refers to what employees need to do or cannot do. This standards applies to all company employees, including the general manager and all company employees.
If employees do not follow the company’s Standards of Business Conduct, they will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to the date of expulsion.

We are excellent Stretch knit fabric suppliers, Flame retardant fabric Manufacturers and have been committed to providing our customers with better products and more reliable after-sales safety guarantees for many years.