VIP Service for travellers in need of special assistance at the airport

Mauritius is known as a luxury and exclusive destination to honeymooners and holidaymakers. At the airport, we have a VIP and fast track service accessible to everybody.

Either you are recovering from a surgery or in a health condition which makes it difficult for you to walk. I can happen in the last minute before taking the flight to Mauritius, you tripped over something, thus making the trek through an airport painful. So Mauritius Airport Wheelchair assistance will help you from the plane until you meet your driver and get into your car. In case you are not sure about getting the support, our staff at Mauritius Car Rental will inform the Airport Authorities of your case and ask them to help you.


The VIP and Fast Track Service
The VIP service becomes essential to travellers who need want to have special assistance at the airport starting from the plane until they meet the driver.

The VIP and Fast Track VIP service will help passengers to go thru the immigration and customs as well as the collection of luggage easy and escort you to your driver. The VIP option allows the traveller to enjoy a deluxe lounge service.

How can you book special assistance?

The following major airlines travel to Mauritius using their hub. These airlines are Emirates, Turkish, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Kenya, among others. You need to note that the Special assistance at the airport is free. For further information, you should contact your carrier directly or while purchasing the ticket. You can also choose VIP or Fast Track, which is a paid service, including access to a deluxe lounge.

Can I take my wheelchair in the car in Mauritius

At Mauritius Airport, we have a fast track for people who are in need. A request should be sent at least 48 hours before your travel, to enjoy the Fast Track service. For last-minute cases, the service is open. Assistance can also be requested while purchasing your airline ticket. We, at Car Hire Mauritius,  are at your disposal for any help or support.

If you are coming with your wheelchair, we have vehicles that will accommodate your luggage as well as your wheelchair in the car boot. The Station Wagons or our compact cars will be the ideal rental car for you to drive in Mauritius. So you can travel to Mauritius without worry. We are here with all the solutions.

Some Tips before renting your car in Mauritius
Do you have some information to ask, use our contact us form?
Do you have your wheelchair with you, contact us for advice.
On request and availability, we can arrange for a wheelchair for you.

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