<h1>RENTING A CAR ABROAD - TIPS AND RULES<span style="font-size:11.0pt; line-height:107%"><o:p></o:p></span></h1>

A trip in a rented car allows for mobility, independence, and a sense of freedom; however, renting a car without understanding some game rules can be outrageously expensive and result in an unpleasant experience. The following tips will help you rent a car with peace of mind.

Book the car in advance at least a week in advance

Car rental companies use models taken from the sale of airline tickets. A decrease in the inventory of vehicles available for rent increases rental prices, compared to a large inventory of vehicles that causes companies to go on sale. You will be surprised, but rental prices are not uniform across all distribution channels. It would help if you compare prices at a national reservation center, at a local branch, and of course, online. Want to order but are still debating whether these are about a cancellation penalty policy? How long before it can be canceled without a penalty. When ordering a car by phone, make sure that you have received the order number. The metrics for choosing a company should be service, branch deployment, breakdown support, and finally, price.

What rental car to order

In different countries, the vehicles come with automatic transmissions, air conditioning, and radio tape. You can order a car with a satellite navigation system GPS, Which is especially recommended for travelers in large cities. Do not forget to ask for explanations for the session. A car from a low category will be cheap and fuel-efficient. Since more economical vehicles are ordered, there is a good chance that the car rental branch will not have a vehicle in stock, and you will be offered an upgrade to a larger vehicle. Remember that fuel in Europe is more expensive than in Pakistan, and the convenience of traveling in a large vehicle will increase the price of fuel.

Rent with or without mileage limit

With particularly cheap quotes, there is a limit to the number of miles you can travel per day at no extra charge. Remember that if you have chosen an option that includes a limit of the number of kilometers, you will not change the option during the trip.

 Discounts on car rental

Some companies give discounts to select credit cardholders, customer clubs, or employees of large companies. In some companies, you can get memberships for free.

 Daily rate or weekly rate

Renting a car for up to three days will always be expensive compared to renting a car weekly. Starting on the fourth day, it is worth considering renting a car for a week. Renting a car for 21 days justifies an examination of a monthly car rental.

Car rental for a young driver and a new driver

Many countries do not rent vehicles to young drivers under the age of 25 or over 70. Companies that allow flexibility in this regard require a high premium. Some companies require two years of driving license experience.

Pick up the rental car

Receiving a car at the airport is subject to an airport fee and can reach fifty dollars. If you are traveling to a hotel in the nearest city on the first day, why not travel by transfer to the hotel and pick up the vehicle the next day. You also saved the headache at the airport, saved the airport fees, and paid for the first-day parking.  You received the vehicle - before signing, they made a turnaround, checked, and demanded to register every hit and scratch. Do not make discounts to the company representative, do not go to the car alone, and think that you are bothered to be required to pay for the car's return. If the vehicle is not in good condition, do not agree to accept it and replace it with another vehicle. Be sure to comply with the conditions, drive on paved roads, do not attach a trailer, and do not assemble snow chains if prohibited in the contract. Also, do not drive paid passengers and do not do other nonsense.

Our recommendation is to get ahead and click Car rental abroad. Being in the country, before the flight. Last-minute booking or upon landing at the airport, always, but always will be dear more. Even in a car rental that includes prepayment, the car rental company will require an international credit card as a guarantee.

Do not be tempted by ads with magic prices. The initial price may sound tempting, however, after adding all the taxes, fees, insurance, and other fees, the price can even double itself. Here are some strategies we discuss in this article. To rent a car in Lahore in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan you can make a contact with us we will provide you the quality services