5 things we overlook when cleaning

You cannot regularly clean everything in your apartment or house. These are exactly the things you leave for seasonal cleaning. Sometimes it happens that you do not get to everything even during the spring or Christmas cleaning, and you inadvertently overlook them. Here are five "unhygienic" things in your home that need to be cleaned regularly!

Trash can

Garbage bins are the least hygienic items in the household, yet one of the least cleaned (if ever cleaned). Occasionally there are food scraps and other debris on the trash that can rot over time. This makes the waste bin a complete breeding ground for bacteria.


To thoroughly clean the waste bin, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Let the basket soak to loosen the dried deposits.
  2. Pour out the water and use a sponge and detergent to clean any dirt from the basket, then rinse the basket with clean water.
  3. Spray the inner part of the basket with a disinfectant spray and leave it to act according to the instructions (usually at least 15 minutes). Some disinfectants contain chlorine - watch out for them! Chlorine has whitening effects and could damage the basket.
  4. Wipe the basket with disinfectant residue with a damp cloth washed in clean water.
  5. Dry the basket with a dry cloth or let it dry in the air.


Tips for keeping the basket clean:

  1. Before putting the garbage bag in the rubbish bin, place a sheet of newspaper on the bottom - replace it as needed.
  2. Put a newspaper or kitchen towel in the trash before throwing in the "wet" trash. These absorb moisture from the waste and prevent it from flowing to the bottom.
  3. Replace the garbage bag before it is completely full.


Handles and door handles are among the items you touch most often in the home. Imagine how many bacteria are in such places. Especially at the front door to the apartment/house or bathroom. Countless bacteria are transmitted to these touch surfaces from the outdoor environment, but also from home (from the toilet, mobile phone, remote controls, keyboard, mouse, etc.). The next time you clean, focus on cleaning the handles and door handles, you can easily get rid of bacteria with a disinfectant spray. Spray it on them and let it work. You can also apply the disinfectant to a clean cloth (preferably made of microfiber) and wipe the contact surfaces with it.

Toothbrush holder

Some toothbrush holders have drainage holes that should allow excess water to drain away. Unfortunately, it practically does not work 100%. Excess water stays at the bottom and becomes a finished zoo of bacteria. Now imagine the situation when you use only a glass or a cup instead of a holder. Therefore, we recommend cleaning and disinfecting the holder once a week with a natural disinfectant. You can also use vinegar, which should have similar effects as disinfection from a drugstore. You can break through the typical vinegar smell with a few drops of essential oil. After cleaning, dry the holders with a clean microfiber cloth.

Laundry basket

The fact that dirty clothes are thrown into the laundry basket suggests that the basket needs to be cleaned once in a while. You may be thinking that cleaning a dirty laundry basket is priceless. You put dirty clothes in it, which you then wash. We will mislead you. Bacteria from the basket get into the laundry and then wash them in the washing machine. Few clothes nowadays wash at such a high temperature that you kill bacteria. This is given not only by the instructions on the individual pieces of clothing, but also by advertising, where you constantly hear that washing powder or gel is effective from 30 degrees, etc. We recommend that you clean and disinfect the laundry basket from time to time. Disinfectant can be used on plastic baskets, apply, leave to act, and then wipe with a dampened microfiber cloth. Do not use disinfectants containing chlorine and bleach.

You can also add disinfectant to your laundry when washing to disinfect the inside of the washing machine. You can buy disinfectant intended directly for laundry in almost every drugstore. It is not harmful to occasionally wash laundry for "boiling" (about 95 degrees). Caution, washing at such high temperatures, can damage the laundry, so always follow the instructions on each garment label.

Bathroom mats

Bath mats are often overlooked. Depending on the frequency of use, the mats may be soaked for a long time or even constantly. Moisture in them leads to the rapid spread of bacteria, which after contact with the skin (usually with bare feet) get on your body. And it's not just bacteria, but various infections and fungi can also be transmitted this way. Clean the bathroom mat regularly, and air dry after use. If the sun is shining outside, use it and put the preposition in direct sunlight for a few hours. Due to the occupancy of the mat, change it regularly with a new one.

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