Become a Home Web Designer

Working from home has been in vogue in recent years. It is true that there are many advantages to working at home: saving time, money, and energy. Not to mention that this eliminates the inconvenience of working in a company, in an office with

The list of jobs that can be done at home is long, but a large part of it is directly or indirectly linked to the field of computer science and technology. Among these professions, we find the freelance web designer profession, which we have decided to focus on in this article. What does this job consist of?

Presentation of the profession:

Overall, the web designer or web interface designer is responsible for the website's visual identity on which he works. He takes care of the graphic side by using both his technical knowledge of graphics tools and software and his creative side to create a design that can attract Internet users' attention and seduce them. He is also responsible for prioritizing information so that the message conveyed is clear, and the site is as pleasant as it is practical to consult.

Web designers are essential to creating a good website. This is why small and large businesses depend on their services for this purpose..

Missions of the web designer:

The role of the web designer being the creation of a website with a unique and rewarding visual identity of the company he represents, he must accomplish many tasks among them:

  • Identify customer needs and expectations.
  • Define the visual identity of the site taking into consideration the target audience.
  • Develop a graphic charter.
  • Define the specifications.
  • Create the illustrations.
  • Make a model.
  • Respect ergonomic constraints throughout the website creation process.
  • Ensure the updating of graphic elements.
  • Make changes to the site if necessary.

Required Skills :

Being a web designer generally requires a great knowledge of technology and computer science, computer graphics skills (knowledge of different programming languages), but also a certain artistic sensitivity and a developed sense of aesthetics.

Here is a list of the skills and attributes in a successful web designer that can be found:

  • Be curious, organized, methodical, and responsive.
  • To show creativity.
  • Accept criticism.
  • Be at the client's service.
  • Demonstrate artistic sensitivity.
  • Good general culture.
  • Knowing how to anticipate customer needs.
  • Know how to manage relationships with customers.
  • Good knowledge of the web.
  • Knowledge of graphic design.
  • Know how to make programming.
  • Proficiency in: JavaScript, PHP / MySQL, XML.
  • Knowledge of typographical and ergonomic rules.
  • Knowledge of technologies: Flash, Print, 3D.
  • Have notions of: sound design, communication, marketing.
  • Mastery of graphic software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver.
  • Mastery of web development: HTML, CSS.
  • Read the program.

Salary :

If the web designer chooses to work at home as a freelance, he can set a price for each job to be done according to its degree of difficulty or else set prices per hour. In this case, the web designer's income is much higher; they can reach 500 dollars for the working day if the web designer is competent and knows how to sell his work. Working as a web designer is, therefore, profitable.

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