Eight ways to quickly clean the house

To clean the surfaces of the house, you do not need to buy all kinds of bleaches and scavengers, but you can also have clean and shiny houses by using simple and hand-made solutions. Here are some quick and easy ways to remove stains and grime from home surfaces.

Greasy kitchen surfaces

The combination of steam, cooking grease, and dust creates a yellow, sticky substance on kitchen surfaces. To remove this sticky substance, it is enough to soak a sponge soaked in undiluted white vinegar and apply it on the ceramic surface, cabinets, hoods, and even on top of the refrigerator. Then soak another sponge in water and rub it on the surfaces again. You can now dry the desired surfaces with a toilet paper and enjoy their shine.

Cleaning inside the microwave

Steam power can be used to clean grease and food debris in the microwave. Pour half a cup of distilled white vinegar and half a cup of water into an unbreakable glass jar and place the jar in the microwave, turn it on and let the solution boil. Then remove the container from the microwave and clean the inside of the microwave with a dry cloth. In this case, the fat of leftover foods is easily removed from the microwave.

Kitchen trash

Usually, in the kitchen, trash cans are placed in places away from the glass, but what to do with the bad smell? If you do not want your kitchen to smell bad, it is better to wash your kitchen trash every once in a while. To do this, wash the trash with a coarse nylon brush soaked in dishwashing liquid or surface cleaning solutions and wipe dry with toilet paper.

Oven dried foods

If there are pieces of food left in the oven, a bad odor and smoke will rise from the gas when it is turned on again. To clean dried food, first, sprinkle water on the desired surface, pour a little baking soda on it, and then add a few white vinegar drops. The resulting solution will foam. Let the foam bubbles remain on the surface of the oven for about a minute. You can now clean the pieces of food that can be easily removed from the oven with the help of a sponge and dry them with a towel.

Soap stains

We can also use vinegar's acidic properties to get rid of soap stains left on the wall and in the bathroom. Dip a clean sponge or cloth in white vinegar, pat dry, and pat dry.

Another way we suggest to remove soap stains from the bath and toilet milk is to use sour lemon. Simply cut the lemon in half and rub the inside on the bath or toilet.


To clean and disinfect the toilet bowl, pour a cup of white vinegar or bleach into the toilet and leave it for a few hours. If the liquid is in the toilet overnight, it will have a better result. Then clean the toilet bowl with a brush and flush the siphon.

Clean window glass

As you know, the best way to clean glass is to use a glass cleaner and a newspaper. But if you do not have a glass cleaner at home, a solution of water and vinegar will help you again.

Note: If you clean the window glass on cloudy days, the glass will become clearer due to the slower drying of the cleaning glass solution. You can also take the assistance of premier janitorial services. They provide the best services of window cleaning in Puyallup.                 

Cleaning animal hair

If you keep your pet at home, you may have trouble cleaning their hair from the surface of the house. In addition to hair rollers, you can use a dry sponge. Another suggested way is to use latex gloves. Put on gloves and moisten it a little and rub your palm on the surface of the carpet or rug. In this case, you will get rid of the hair.