How to clean a carpet: our smart tips

Whatever the finishes of your carpet, it is necessary to clean it regularly in order to remove any stains and anything that may lodge there. How to clean a woolen rug? What are the most effective ways to clean a carpet and remove a stain? Follow our advice to keep your carpet in good condition for as long as possible.

A rug finds its place in all the rooms of the house. Decorative, it also provides warmth. It can be round, square, or rectangular. It is found with long or short hairs, plain or patterned. The benefit of the carpet is that it is silent when you walk on it, but it also takes care of the decoration. Discover our tips for cleaning it properly.

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How to clean your carpet if it is wool?

The wool rugs are very carpet hot and very insulation that must be regularly cleaned to remove dust mites and prolong their lifespan. However, wool is a fragile natural fiber that is important to clean in a very special way.


Start by removing dust and hair, hair and crumbs that may have slipped into your carpet, using nylon tights. Wrap the pantyhose around your hand, and run it over the entire surface of the mat. Then vacuum at minimum power following the direction of the wool. Then make a cleaning foam by mixing cold water and Marseille soap in a container, shake the solution until you get foam, and apply it to a small corner of the carpet. If you find that the colors do not fade, then you can continue to brush the carpet with a rag. Rinse the carpet, and dry it with a hairdryer or towel. If your woolen carpet is stained, you can mix water with white vinegar or black soap: dab the stain with a sponge, let it act until the stain is gone, and rinse with cold water. If you're worried about damaging your wool rug, or if you can't remove the stain, you can drop off your rug at the dry cleaners: it should cost you between $ 50 and $ 100 depending on the size of the rug.


Clean your carpet with a steam cleaner

If your rug is not wool, you can maintain it more traditionally. Regularly vacuum the entire surface using the brush attachment to vacuum more deeply and put the pile back in place at the same time. If your carpet is lightly soiled, you can use a steam cleaner. However, check beforehand that the colors are not likely to bleed by following the label's instructions or by testing one side of the carpet. Take care not to over-wet the carpet so that it dries faster.


How to remove a stain from your carpet?

If you regularly maintain your carpet but notice that it has a stain, there are several ways to remove it. Before using a commercially purchased stain remover, carefully read the recommendations on the package leaflet. There are also more traditional ways to remove a stain from a carpet.


Clean your carpet with a shampooer

If your carpet is really dirty, you can get a shampooer, either through a friend or a rental agency. If your shampooer does not have a dry vacuum option, vacuum your carpet before using the shampooer to remove larger dust. Then pour hot water mixed with a suitable cleaning product into the tank of the shampooer, and run it over the entire surface of your carpet in injection mode, then in extraction mode, and let dry.