How To Clean The Correct Home You Need To Apply

A clean house will make the occupants healthier and happier. However, this activity sometimes confused you; for example, you don't know where to start. For that, you need to know tips and how to clean the house properly.

Not only easy on the eyes, a clean house can also make the occupants healthier and stress-free. In order for the house to always be neat, cleaning must certainly be a routine activity. But do you know how to clean a good and effective house?

Where to start? Maybe that's a question that often comes to you when you want to clean up the house.

Cleaning the house is not just sweeping and mopping. Some of the following things you need to understand and do so that your residence is completely free from germs:

Starting from the laundry room

Take a look at the room where you wash your clothes. Are there still mountains of dirty clothes lying around? Or are you bothered by a bad smell emitting from the washing machine? If so, clean it up immediately before the germs spread any further!

Dirty clothes that enter the washing machine are generally full of bacteria and viruses. Automatically, washing machines can become a den of germs. Therefore, the machine must be cleaned regularly.

Take time once a week to clean up your washing machine with liquid bleach.

Drying clothes also has its own technique. If there is a temperature setting in the washing machine, use a high temperature so that germs are completely removed.

But of course, drying with temperature needs to be adapted to your type of clothes. The reason is, each outfit has its own care rules.

Pay attention to the bedroom area

The bedroom area is an important part of a good house cleaning method. Why?

Every day humans shed flakes of skin. The sheet is one area that contains a lot of skin flakes. The amount averaged 1 million per night.

Not only can it trigger allergies in other people, these skin flakes can also be a food source for the mites. In order to be free from germs as wellbed bugs, wash the sheets at least once a week in hot water.

You may need to change your sheets more often if you sleep with pets and snack on the bed. It is even better if you don't eat in your room, as falling crumbs will attract fungi and bacteria.

What about pillows and bolsters? While the covers can help protect you from germs, they should still be cleaned regularly. So also wash your pillows and bolsters every four to six months.

Clean up the living room

The family room is a favorite hangout for germs at home. In this area, your family members usually eat, play, and do other activities, so a build-up of germs has the potential to occur if you don't clean it often.

If you want an effective way to clean your house, pay attention to objects in the family room that are often held by many people. Starting from the telephone, television remote, desks, and many more. Why?

These objects must contain various germs. Clean everything at least once a week with disinfectant wipes so they don't become a nest of microbes.

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the TV screen. Don't forget to always clean up any food crumbs or spills on the floor or furniture with a broom, a mop, or vacuum cleaner.

Don't forget about door handles and banisters

Door handles and handrails are often overlooked in how to clean the house. In fact, they are also often touched by many people, so that the fastest spread of germs. 

Clean door handles and banisters once a week with a cleaner containing a disinfectant. If someone in your family is sick or your house has a lot of visitors, clean it more often.

Get rid of germs in the kitchen

How to clean a good house, you should not forget the kitchen. Because according to research, dishwashing sponges are the most germicidal thing in the house, and they are dirtier than the toilet! The kitchen sink is the second number.

Since they are the dirtiest part of the house, you need to clean them both every day. To clean a sponge, wet it first, then microwave it for two minutes to help kill bacteria. Meanwhile, the sink needs to be scrubbed with disinfectant liquid.

Also make sure you wipe the kitchen counters every day so that bacteria do not easily multiply.

Check the bathroom area

The bathroom is an area prone to mold growth. Therefore, how to clean the right house needs to involve this area.

Open the bathroom window every day. This step is inviting sunlight and fresh air into the bathroom, so as to suppress mold growth.

For the toilet, you need to clean it weekly with a damp cloth and cleaning fluid. Starting from the inside, the outside, to the cover.  

You can make your own cleaning liquid, namely by mixing two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, two tablespoons of ammonia, and one-liter warm water.

You can also use these fluids to clean bathtubs, sinks, floors, and shower handles.

Don't neglect the carpet

Carpets are often a hiding place for animal hair pets and dust, both of which can cause allergies. Once you step on the surface of the carpet, the fur and dust can blow away, making it prone to being inhaled by you and other family members.

If you do not want allergies to recur, clean your carpet once a week. For large carpets, you should use a vacuum cleaner.

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Clean laptops and cell phones

Laptop and cell phone are two objects that may not be separated from daily activities. You spend a lot of time with them; even when eating, you sometimes still type or call.

You certainly know that this habit will invite a lot of bad germs. A study shows that cell phones have the potential to be a means of growing E. coli bacteria that can trigger digestive disorders.

Therefore, clean the surface of the cellphone (front and back) with disinfectant wipes. Don't forget to clean your cellphone case. The reason is, this section cannot be separated from the target of germs.

For laptops, you can clean the keyboard by turning it over and shaking it so that dirt and dust falls off. After that, wipe the keyboard using disinfectant wipes. Especially for the screen, clean it with a microfiber cloth.