How to do your own carpet cleaning

We will explain how to clean non-washable carpets by yourself and wash washable carpets in a washing machine or by hand. Carpet is a piece of furniture that is frequently used and easily gets dirty. However, even if you use a vacuum cleaner or adhesive carpet cleaner while cleaning your room, many people may not know how to clean it properly.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly as they can become a hotbed for mites if left dirty.

Learn more about how to clean non-washable carpets yourself and how to wash washable carpets.

1) What you need for carpet cleaning

2) Carpet cleaning method

3) Wash all washable carpets

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1) What you need for carpet cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Rag
  • baking soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Steam iron

Carpets are prone to sebum stains from the human body and oil stains such as food debris. To remove such oil stains, it is recommended to use baking soda, which has the effect of decomposing oil stains. In addition to removing mites that are sensitive to high temperatures, steam irons also have the effect of softening the feel of a worn carpet.

2) Carpet cleaning method

If the carpet's laundry sign has a machine-washable or hand-washable label, washing it in its entirety is the easiest and cleanest way. The detailed washing method is explained in the next section.

However, depending on the material, it may shrink or discolor, so it is recommended to send it for professional cleaning.


First of all, let's vacuum carefully to remove dust. At this time, if you apply it against the flow of hair, it will be easier to remove the dust entwined with the hair, and the hair will become fluffy due to use.

Wipe clean with baking soda water

It looks like spraying on the carpet and wiping it off. Next , make a baking soda solution by mixing 100 ml of water with one teaspoon of baking soda, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on the entire carpet. Then wipe strongly along with the fur. The power of baking soda should remove sebum stains and food residue stains.

Apply steam iron

After removing the dirt and dirt, steam iron the finish. At this time, if you brush the carpet while raising the fur, it will be easier to get a fluffy feeling like when you bought it. In addition, you can expect the effect of removing mites that are sensitive to heat.


Finally, dry the damp carpet thoroughly with a wipe or steam iron. If you leave it wet, mites that like moisture will come to you, so be sure to lean it against a well-ventilated place to dry it. At this time, if you dry it in the sun, the fibers will be damaged, so please dry it in the shade. When it dries well, the carpet cleaning is complete.

3) Wash all washable carpets

As explained in the previous section, some carpets can be washed in a laundromat or at home. However, if you wash it easily, the carpet itself may be damaged due to discoloration and fluffing.

Before washing, you need to look at the carpet's laundry sign to see if it's OK to wash.

It is impossible to wash carpets made in foreign countries that do not have a washing label, heavy and high-class carpets, and carpets made of delicate materials such as wool, animal hair, and silk.

Items that are light and cost less than 10,000 yen when you hold them, and items made of chemical fibers such as polyester and acrylic can be washed in a washing machine.

Also, before washing, don't forget to check the hot water temperature suitable for washing with the washing label tag and rub the edge of the carpet with a cloth moistened with water to check for discoloration.

When using a washing machine

First, let's check the washable weight of the washing machine. Please note that if you forcibly wash the washing machine even though it is overweight or overcapacity, it may cause the washing machine to malfunction. Therefore, it is recommended to wash with a slightly larger model so that the washing machine can move smoothly. Also, be aware that the washing machine may stop working or break down if the carpet spreads during washing.

When washing hands

If you can't wash it in the washing machine, but you can wash it by hand, we recommend washing it in your bathtub. The method is to first put the carpet in the bathtub and then fill it with water until it becomes a single piece. Then add detergent and wash with your feet. After rinsing the detergent, drain it lightly and place it on the balcony to dry it.

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