Which products to use? How to preserve shine? Should I use a microfiber cloth or not? Here you will find all the answers to your questions about the maintenance of wooden desks.


Does your wooden desk deserve a good cleaning? Thanks to our practical advice, discover how to clean it without damaging it with suitable products and techniques.

Cleaning of offices in raw or natural wood

The crude or natural wood desks are the most difficult to maintain because they are marked on more light surfaces. To clean this type of furniture, you can use a soft brush dipped in a mixture of water and black soap, rubbing in the fibers' direction. Microfiber cloths are also very effective at cleaning the wood without the risk of damaging the wood.

Cleaning of painted or varnished wooden offices

The offices painted wood or lacquered are naturally more resistant and more comfortable to clean. You can use your usual multipurpose product and a sponge or a simple cloth. However, avoid detergents in powder form; they could scratch the surface of the desk.

How to treat some stubborn stains?

White spot left by water: rub the affected area with a cloth soaked in a mixture of olive oil and 70 ° alcohol.

Greasy stain: use Marseille soap and hot water, and dry well after application.

Ink stain: apply a paste of baking soda on the wood, then rub gently. Let dry before removing excess powder.

Daily maintenance

A trace of coffee, a small stain of ink, various crumbs… Your wooden deck is regularly put to the test. Try to quickly clean up any dirt that might become encrusted to maintain the beauty of the wood. Ink, for example, appears to infiltrate the white wood fibers and change their color permanently. As soon as a stain occurs, the safest trick is to wipe the sponge off quickly. Use a hand vacuum or a microfiber wipe to remove any crumbs that might damage the desk wood or fall between the keys. The keyboard of yours.

Big cleaning

Your wooden desk deserves your full attention when it comes to spring cleaning—using a combination of lukewarm water and dish soap with a few drops of white vinegar for the tray and the uprights. In this preparation, dip a clean tissue and massage softly, insisting on the dirtiest places. Don't forget the gaps concealed under the cables or behind the computer screen! Empty them when your desk has niches, drawers or other miscellaneous storage so that you can vacuum the dust at the bottom, then the same preparation as on the tray. Dry well before putting your things back.

How to clean your office furniture?

You have understood it: the health and the well-being of all should systematize the office's cleaning (all the more in a period of the epidemic). It's not complicated, and it takes 5 minutes flat. Here are some tips for effective and thorough office cleaning.

  • Ritualize the office's cleaning: do it, for example, every Monday morning, and if you are afraid of forgetting, do not hesitate to put a reminder in your diary.
  • Make room: tidy up and declutter the desk to clean its entire surface by putting aside a keyboard, mouse, papers, notebooks, binders ...
  • Start with dusting: opt for a dusting spray or run a microfiber cloth or a disposable wipe over the tray, the cable gland, the gutter ...
  • Disinfect: use antibacterial wipes or disinfectant sprays for this, taking care to insist on the interstices, the edge (the visible edge of the desk), and even under the tray ... You put your hands there regularly to approach with your seat.
  • Do the dishes: remember to wash your favorite mug with dish soap. By collecting dust and accumulating layers of coffee or tea, this faithful companion quickly becomes a nest of germs ... a Nest of germs that you carry - in fact - in your mouth!

Have you finished? Keep up the momentum with the keyboard, mouse, computer screen, your phones (business and personal). And don't forget, after all that, to wash your hands;)

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