Tips for Traveling Alone

I travel alone in my article, don't worry, I discussed traveling alone after being inundated with comments before setting off on a world tour. As I almost always travel independently, and for fourteen years, you will understand that I like this type of trip. Still, I can understand that some people feel intimidated at the idea of ​​going alone or wonder how to optimize their next departure without a companion. So I wanted to tackle the subject of solo travel again as part of a collaborative article.

Stay flexible

The most beautiful travel experiences often arise from the spontaneity and flexibility that one demonstrates. How many times have I been caught saying "ah, but I already booked something…" when I was offered to share a coffee, go with a new friend made the day before, etc.? I learned not to plan too much to let go of my desires.

Take part in guided tours

Whether at the hostel or through a local company, join a guided tour such as a food tour, a free tour, or a guided tour of a museum, for example. You will meet other travelers with who you are likely to get along and want to spend the rest of the day, and if not, you will furnish at least a few hours without feeling alone. Sometimes it's the little motivation you need on a lazy day!

Choose a suitable destination for solo travel

All the destinations in the world can be discovered solo. Still, when you start traveling alone, some countries are more suitable for reducing the travel budget, lowering your stress level, etc. By choosing a corner of the world that is easier to plan solo, you'll leave less nervous and likely have fewer tough decisions to make down the road.

Arrive during the day

Coordinate your arrival at the destination of your choice so that it is daytime, when possible. It's always more comfortable and safer to find your way to clarity, and you'll have more time if you run into a delay.

Remember to photograph yourself when traveling alone

This is not a logistical tip, but rather for your memories. When traveling alone, we often forget to photograph ourselves or to ask others to take it. In the age of selfies, is this the only image you want to keep from visiting this or that country? Drop your camera on a mailbox, fence, or trash can with a self-timer, or have a passerby take a picture of you. I forget to do it so often!

Tips for going solo from other experienced travelers

Listening to and trusting each other

Here is a precept that I try to apply in my life in general: listen to and trust each other. Why? Because we are our best ally. Even if it means going alone towards the unknown, you might as well take the opportunity to follow your desires, move at your own pace, and be proud to be where you are thanks to… yourself! If I hadn't listened to my need to get away several years ago, I wouldn't have discovered that traveling alone fulfilled me like this, wheelchair or not! So, let us dare to trust each other and listen to our little voice: there is little chance that it will not lead us to the right place!

Do not let yourself be guided by your fears, but by your dreams

What blocks us the most before embarking on a solo trip are our fears? We have never tried to travel alone, and yet we already have specific worries. They can be many and different: the fear of being bored, of not sharing the trip with anyone, of getting lost, of not being able to make it, of being attacked, of going alone in an unknown country without any reference points ... list may still belong, but what if instead of thinking about all of these things, we think about our dreams?

Who has not dreamed of total freedom? Of a trip that we like 100% because it is made entirely of our desires? To meet a multitude of different people, share a little or a lot of the trip with them? But above all not to wait for our friends or relatives to have the same vacations or want a similar destination and travel in the same way as ours?

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Make friends, don't travel alone

Going alone does not necessarily mean being alone. On the contrary, traveling alone allows more encounters and exchanges, whether with local populations or other travelers. To make friends, put the odds in your favor. Sleep in a youth hostel and try to choose those with common areas (living room, kitchen, terrace), use the Couch surfing network to sleep with locals or to go for a drink, join group excursions to go hike or snorkel, volunteer, use public transport to talk to your neighbor, take dance or language lessons, use Meet Up to meet people with the same center's interest…

Learning to Ask for Help: A Useful Solo Travel Skill for Life

Sometimes it feels like solo travelers are fiercely independent people who know how to manage everything and rely solely on themselves. It's wrong! Although we are very free, autonomous, and responsible, we need to learn to ask for help from others since we cannot know everything. The expertise of others is essential for navigating distant lands!

Behave confidently

Having a self-assured attitude is one of the keys to me when traveling alone. Self-confidence tends to increase over time naturally when traveling alone. Confidence will be your best ally (with your common sense) throughout your journey.

Behaving with confidence will help you in a little stressful situation. For example, when we arrive by bus and a dozen touts run into us to sell their accommodation. In this situation, being prepared (knowing the name and address of a compromise that you will have spotted in advance) will help you assert yourself and impose your destination choice.

During my trip around the world, it happened more than once to look for an address or a place without finding it. Keeping walking confidently and confidently is a technique to avoid making yourself vulnerable. Looking lost can attract unwanted attention. Get confident and ask a woman or the staff of a cafe or store for directions.

Finally, don't be always on the defensive and believe in the benevolence of people. Being a single woman is more advantageous when traveling, and people often seek to help you out on their own. Keep a positive mindset and attitude, and the rest will follow.