Tricks for cleaning and maintaining carpets

Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets are necessary to keep their appearance intact for a long time, even a few years. Learn all about proper carpet care, the easiest way to clean a shaggy carpet, and how to maintain polyester microfiber carpets.

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Tricks for proper carpet cleaning and maintenance:

Place a rug at the entry to the house

The first task is to keep the dirt away with the help of the entrance mat. It will act like a brush, which will collect dust and dirt coming from outside.


Regular cleaning

To keep carpets clean, it is necessary to periodically vacuum, remove stains immediately, as well as a thorough cleaning once a year. Suction stops impurities from penetrating deep into the carpet and damaging the threads. Vacuum the entire surface of the carpet at least once a week or more often, if necessary.

Deep cleaning will remove dirt that has penetrated the deeper layers of the carpet and thus extend the life of your carpet - contact a carpet cleaning company to do this.


Preserves the density of the carpet

Move the furniture from time to time to prevent the flattening of the wires in certain places. Place protective pads on the legs of the furniture and move them occasionally to prevent flattening in a certain direction. Avoid direct exposure to the sun to avoid discoloration of the carpet and to keep the colors fresh.


Remove stains immediately

Stains can create an unkempt appearance on the carpet, and to avoid this, act quickly and remove them as soon as possible. Use a white absorbent cloth to collect all the impurities that created the stain. Stain remover chemicals should first be tested on a more hidden area the size of a stamp (corner of the rug). It is important to choose suitable cleaning solutions for different types of stains and strictly follow the instructions on the manufacturer's amount and time of action.


Choosing the right cleaning solution

If you want to thoroughly clean the carpet, use only pH 7 (neutral) maintenance solutions. To make sure the solution is right, pour a little fat into a plate and leave it on a radiator to dry. After the 24 hours, check if there is any grease left on the plate - if there is, the solution is not suitable and should not be used to clean the carpet.


The right color

Choose the right color for the carpet, for each room in the house, taking into account the type of room: living room, kitchen or a bedroom where you spend less time. Stains and dirt are less visible on colored carpets, unlike monochrome carpets, which are light or very dark.


Carpet in several colors, in the living room

A modern, colorful rug, like the ones in the Vegas collection, can be the star of your living room, and in addition, it is more resistant to dirt

Additional tips

Never place furniture on a freshly washed rug until it is completely dry. If you have a carpet that is very dirty, it is better to contact a company that specializes in carpet cleaning.


The quick and easiest way to clean a shaggy rug (long thread)

How you clean the shaggy carpet depends on its size and manufacturing technology, as well as the type of material.


Washing shaggy rugs at home

First, jiggle the carpet well and then vacuum it. Prepare a solution using 300 ml of apple cider vinegar, a little over half a liter of water, the same amount of lemon juice, and an envelope of baking soda. If you want, you can add a few drops of essential oil to this mixture - lavender, lemon, or similar, which will refresh the carpet even more. Moisten a sponge in this liquid and rub the carpet, then let it dry. The result is a clean carpet that smells nice, without stains, and will not cause irritation because it has been cleaned with completely natural substances. Use only the recommended carpet cleaning solutions and follow the instructions for use. If washed, the carpet should be rinsed thoroughly.

Watch out for wine, coffee, hot chocolate, or other liquids. Avoid cleaning with a sponge in circular motions because the stain will spread on the threads around it and will become very visible. It is best to remove the stain carefully, using an absorbent and soft paper towel while still fresh, then applying a little alcohol and water or a mild detergent.


Professional cleaning of shaggy carpets

If you seek professional help to wash the carpet, the stains will be removed with the help of chemical agents, after which the carpet will be shampooed with a brush machine that rotates and creates foam.

The shape of the brush allows the cleaning agent to reach all layers of the long-threaded carpet. The carpet is then rinsed with strong jets of water. The foam is removed by suction - but this system is only recommended for carpets without hard support.


Maintenance of polyester microfiber carpets

Polyester microfiber rugs are very stain-resistant due to the properties of polyester. The appearance of these carpets lasts over time, and cleaning and maintenance are extremely easy.

Liquid stains should be wiped away with a paper towel or a dry rag, not rubbed. Solid dirt should be collected and vacuumed before cleaning to prevent it from entering the fabric. Apply a small amount of neutral stain detergent on a dry cloth and rub lightly. Once you've cleaned the stain, soak a clean cloth in water, pinch it, and rub it against the stain to extract the detergent. Use a dry cloth to dry the cleaned area.