What to do in the event of a rental car accident?

When using a rental car, the last thing you need is an accident. But accidents can happen to anyone, and this should not worry you; Only just rented car crashes important to know what should be done to find out during the incident.

Carry emergency numbers

Write down emergency numbers before you travel.

Assess the situation and put people in a safe position

Evaluate the situation and, first of all, put yourself and your companions in a safe position. If someone is injured, call the emergency room immediately and report the accident to the police if it is dangerous.

 Remember to avoid moving a person with severe pain or a fracture or a person with a low back injury.

Exchange of information

 If you have a car accident, the second step is to gather information; This means that you must share your contact number and insurance information with the driver and the injured party. Ask the police officer about the accident report and the accident case number and write it down. Take a image of the scene of the accident and the injuries and note the following:

  • Car color and model
  • Exact date and time of the accident
  • Road condition and street lighting
  • climate
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Injury to people

If you have a car accident, write down your information on a piece of paper and place it under the windshield wiper.

Contact a car rental company

Contact your car rental company and report the accident. If necessary, the company will replace your car and contact the insurance companies or anyone involved in the accident.

Presence of representatives of the insurance company at the scene of the accident

 If representatives of the insurance company come to the scene to determine the damage, wait until they arrive and do not leave the accident scene. If they do not arrive at the accident scene, you will return to the designated location in another vehicle for legal action. If necessary, it is better for the company representative to be present at the accident site before the insurance representatives.

Car rental care

 You are responsible for renting the car; Therefore, if the car can be driven, take it to the place designated by the company, and if the car does not work, move it to the place designated by the company with a trailer.

Accident cost if you have insurance

 When you have an accident with a car, your expenses will be covered if you have insurance, which of course, depends on the circumstances of your accident. If you buy accident insurance, you will have full coverage. The insurance company will cover the costs if the accident is not caused by the carelessness and error of the driver of the lease agreement. Of course, this does not contain additional costs such as medical, pharmaceutical, property, and other expenses.

All cars of Prarin Luxury Car Rental Company include full body insurance and third party insurance.

Accident cost if you do not have insurance

If you are to blame for the accident, you will be responsible for paying the costs. The car rental company can contact the other driver's insurance company if you are not responsible for the crash. The car rental company may not wait until the case is resolved and will fine you. In this case, you should contact the other party's insurance company to cover the costs.

Keep in mind that driving an uninsured rental car is often illegal. Most countries require car rental companies to provide minimum insurance coverage for their cars.

Extra costs in the event of a rental car accident

 If you are to blame for an accident, there are three other types of costs you may have to pay:

Car malfunction damage

If the car does not work due to repair, the company is losing money; So for every day spent repairing that car, you will be charged compensation.

Administrative costs

The costs you have to pay to get the job done and advance your application. The amount of these costs varies, and if you are not to blame for the accident, you must force the driver to pay the costs, and if you do not pay, you can sue the guilty driver.

Devaluation of the car

After the accident, the value of the car will decrease depending on the damage. Rental companies will charge you for this loss, depending on the damage you do.

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