Al Capone's Information


 Al Capone is one of the most famous crooks back then. He was the leader of the Chicago Mafia. He was notorious for murdering people and selling drugs.

Before becoming a crook, he was a barber, and owned a restaurant. 

Al Capone had a wife name Mae, and a son named Sonny 

He got expelled from a brutal Catholic school for attacking a female teacher.

He got into the Mafia by meeting Johnny Torrio. Torrio influenced him how it felt to be in a gang.

Later in his life, a young gangster slashed Capone down his left cheek with a knife giving him the nickname " Scarface. " His other nicknames were: Big Al, Snorkey, etc. 

Al Capone endured a mental disease called " neurosyphilis " which can cause: blindness, stupidity, muscle weakness and headaches. 

At age 48, Capone died of a cartiac arrest. 

Al Capone's mug shot, 1931.