What is equitable access?

Equitable Access:

The opportunity for students to learn about and use technology, no matter their socioeconomic background.

How will students gain access to technology?

Students will be allowed to either use their own device (computer or tablet) or will be allowed to use a school computer. There will be a sign in and out list avaiable to students who are using school devices. Students must return the device after the last bell rings each day, and the condition will be noted during check in as well as check out. Students will use the device during class time as efficiently as possible to ensure that all of their work is completed before the end of the day.


To keep the use of technology fair, teachers will use a shared calendar. To ensure that everyone can use it, the technology can only be "checked out" for 3 days max. Teachers may not sign up for technology more than two weeks in advance.

Technology Sign In/Out Sheet
Sign Out Date Sign out Condition Sign In Date Sign In Condition

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