What is the Acceptable Use Policy?

Acceptable Use Policy: 

The following are prohibited:

1. Use the technology without a teacher present in the room.

2. Access social media sites on the given technology.

3. Communicate in chats, discussions, or posts of any kind unless approved by the teacher.

4. Plagiarize any work from another person and claim it as their own.

5. Use inappropriate language on the given technology according to the school handbook.

6. Communication received oh the technology that was not authorized by the teacher.

7. Give out their or anyone elses personal information on the given technology.

8. Change the overall factory settings of the computer.

9. Install or download files from the Internet (including MP3 files).

10.  Attempt to go around the blocked pages on a device. 

11. Plagiarize 

12. Cyberbully: including threats, rude comments, and posting pictures or videos.


Violations of the above could result in some or all of the following:

1. Suspension from the technology for the rest of the rest of the school year, or the rest of the students time at that school.

2. Notify parents of the misuse of technology

3. Financial accountability for the loss of technology

4. Disciplinary action based on the code of conduct

5. Legal action or prosecution


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Source: Jefferson County Code of Conduct


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