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Welcome to kindergarten!!! This is an exciting year for all of us. I am honored to be your childs' teacher!

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Hello parents! Can you believe the school year is coming to an end? I cannot believe that my time with the children is almost over. They all have grown in so many ways and I am impressed by everyone’s motivation. Here are the upcoming concepts and projects we will learn for this month:


Language Arts: We are reviewing all of the concepts taught throughout the year and the children will learn about conclusions. We will review adjectives, plural words, and past tense words. For phonics, the children will learn the letters : “Z”, “Y”, “Q”, and “X”.  We will also continue to work on blending letters together to promote good reading skills. This month’s spelling words are:

ZERO          YES             YOU            QUIT            QUIET

Math: For the whole month of May, the children will work on “money”.

I will focus on the penny, nickel, dime and quarter. The children will learn how to identify each coin and the value of each coin. We will also work on adding money with a variety of coins. I will also briefly talk about the dollar coin and well as dollar bills.

Religion: May is Mother Mary month so we will focus on the Hail Mary prayer and speak a great deal about our queen of heaven. I will also introduce the rosary to the children and we will pray the rosary as a class. Other topics that we will discuss are: “We Pray As Jesus Did, We Celebrate Jesus’ Gift Of Himself, We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend, and Sharing Faith In Class And At Home”.

 Social Studies: We will create projects to celebrate Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. We will also have a “Cinco De Mayo” fiesta! We will create maracas, listen to mariachi music, and eat chips and salsa dip! We will also talk about different cultures.



I would like to wish all moms a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your day is filled with lots of happiness!

                                                                                             Mrs. Bicca